Shorewood Historical Society

Shorewood Historical Society

Shorewood Newspaper Collection

The Shorewood Historical Society is pleased to provide digital copies of Shorewood newspapers for public access. Currently, papers from 1923 – 1972 are available for viewing; 1973-2004 papers will be added to the collection in early 2020.

Click on “Browse” below and begin your search by word, date or event. Relevant copy will be highlighted in yellow on the found pages. On the left side of the screen are additional pages from the same edition as the highlighted page.

The Shorewood Historical Society has bound copies of all Shorewood papers from 1923-2004. They are available for limited research if the digitized copy proves insufficient for the viewer’s needs.

Digital access to copies of the Shorewood newspapers is provided courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. All rights reserved.


The Shorewood Historical Society is committed to digitizing a significant amount of our archived items, including pictures and documents, to make them easily available to the public. We welcome public support for our mission. Please click on BUTTON to make a donation to our Digitization Fund.

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